Territory alignment and responsibility for Team Opus

Jamie White, Principal / Sales Rep

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Cell Ph# 240-793-5051

Email:  Jamie@opusmkt.com

Mr. White is responsible for overall administration and day to day operations of Opus Marketing.  His responsibilities include major account assistance, forecasting, marketing, merchandising, and financial management.  He directly oversees all sales and marketing activities in the Mid-Atlantic territory.

Jamie is based out of our Main office in Bel Air, MD and is directly responsible for “key” customers in Mid-Atlantic and Up State NY.

Dan Mangan, Principal/ Sales Rep

Cell Ph# 732-245-5259

Email:  Danm@opusmkt.com

From his office in Middletown, NJ, Mr. Mangan is responsible for overall day to day operations of Opus Marketing in Metro NY.  His responsibilities include major account representation, field sales, forecasting, merchandising, and marketing.

Dan is based out of Metro NY office in Middletown, NJ and is directly responsible for “key” customers in both Mid-Atlantic and Metro NY.

Chuck Ottati, Sales Rep

Cell Ph# 443-866-1845

Email:  Chuck@opusmkt.com

Mr. Ottati is directly responsible for 12volt retailers and power sport dealers through out the Mid-Atlantic and Up State NY.  His knowledge of product and customers has paved the way for Opus Marketing to transition into new markets.

Chuck is directly responsible for customers in Up State NY, Maryland, and South Eastern PA. 

Todd Ess, Sales Rep

Cell Ph# 443-807-1344

Email:  Todd@opusmkt.com

Mr. Ess is a veteran of Tweeter sales floor and Best Buy. He is responsible for detailing dealers through out the Opus territories and some sales responsibilities. With his strong background of mass merchant and detailing, he is naturally suited as the "utility" guy for the firm.

Judy Zega, Office Manager

Office ph# 866-438-6787

Email:  Judy@Opusmkt.com

Ms. Zega provides office support as well as inside/outside sales administration and assistance for our Metro NY and Mid-Atlantic territories.  She oversees all accounting and book keeping functions of Opus Marketing including accounts payable and account receivable.


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